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Buy it or Sell it, We Ship it!

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The Premium Solution For Shipping Your Vehicles Anywhere


American Freight Systems is committed to customer satisfaction with their clients; helping lower freight charges by negotiating with carriers on their behalf. Savings hundreds of dollars on every shipment. 


We help our clients save on average 34%* on their shipping costs. 


Specializing in dedicated, open deck, auto transport or over size and super loads; AFS has all the right tools to help move your freight on time. American Freight Systems is a approved 3PL.

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Why Us?

What makes AFS different from other brokers is our approach, which is tailored to direct shipper needs in a high demand market. AFS has the capacity to ship cars, trucks, SUVS and motor-bikes throughout the continental United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and other Pacific Islands. International Shipping services also available.

We Make it Easy

AFS' experience starts with residential pick ups, also picking up from auctions, dealerships, and military bases. With our access to Americas biggest car hauler network, we are able to help dealerships large or small, ship their cars out of state or assist in fleet transfers.


"We've used American Freight Systems for our shipping needs for years now, and they've always come through for us. They have a great selection of tools to help get your freight where it needs to go on time, and their customer service is top-notch. We wouldn't use anyone else!"

Patrica H. 

"Thanks American Freight Systems for the easy pick and drop. They had the item release before we picked up. Perez and Sons Trucking."

Julie T.

"Great communication with prompt response. Our company did hauling for American freight systems out of California. American Freight Systems is processing my invoice with quick pay !"

Prime AG Inc.

"We needed our 13ft tall box truck moved 1800. miles through 7 states. American Freight Systems was able to supply a very experienced driver who took care of all the permits for over-height. Great Job AFS!"

Beulah W.

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